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Introducing REMS

Introducing Rebtech “Engineering Management Solutions” (REMS)…. a new and vibrant aerospace support provider, focusing many years of aviation knowledge and hands-on experience to deliver practical, cost-effective solutions to a wide range of aircraft issues.

Located in Bedford, Texas, REMS offers a comprehensive one-stop solution to those operators looking for a no-nonsense, affordable answer to both avionic and airframe design, integration and maintenance requirements.

Our staff is drawn from all walks of our great industry. Degreed and licensed engineers, designers, logistics experts and maintenance specialists, brought together to ensure that our clients get only the very best service available.

REMS was created out of the world renowned REB Technologies Inc or REBTECH, a world leader in night vision technology founded in 1996  a genuinely global company that has become synonymous with quality and customer service.

REBTECH provides state of the art NVIS modification solutions to a global customer base which includes military, firefighting, law enforcement, SAR, and EMS.

Like its parent company, REMS isn’t a one method fits all solution. Each client is treated as an individual case. The REMS team takes great care in consideration of the aircraft, operations, environment and maintenance requirements and offers a tailored approach to each task.

REBTECH is a FAA Part 21 manufacturer and Part 145 Instrument and Avionics repair station and is AS9100D certified. We are also EASA Part 145 Certificated. 

Finally to support our efforts to bring you, our customer the very best service we have teamed with the US independent Sikorsky giants United Aero Group as well as the premier heavy maintenance and aircraft conversions company Aero-X. Our partnerships keep growing with our success!


REBTECH is AS9100D Certified and a FAA Part 21 Manufacture authority. In addition, REBTECH is also a FAA Part 145 Repair Station MVVR049L for class I thru III and holding ratings in Instrument, Limited Radio, Limited Accessories, and Specialized Services.


With a history rooted in avionics, REMS offers a wide variety of custom design programs…

Upgrades & modifications

From a simple switch to a complete cockpit update REMS has the capability to offer a full one…

Maintenance management

At REMS we come from all different backgrounds…military, airlines, private aviation. We all carry … 


AS you may expect REMS offers a very cost-effective parts and logistics solution to its wide field… 


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